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Toby Thiermann

Joby Aviation - This is Joby video cover image

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Close up of person in wetsuit with hood

Herbert Nitsch, The Deepest Man on EarthClick to Watch Video →

Person free diving in ocean with kelp

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Car driving on highway with grid

Epilog - Side carClick to Watch Video →

Green grapes on vine

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Wooden/unfinished skateboard

Bill's WheelsClick to Watch Video →

Profile Photo of Toby Thiermann with his kid

Toby Thiermann has been traveling the world with a camera for over 20 years, searching for the stories that both inspire and show true human emotion. His adventures have brought him aboard submarines in the Arctic to Cambodian minefields. A passionate storyteller and director, Toby brings a keen sense of story and composition to every project. The competitive edge of his work draws from daring camera work, vibrant connection to the audience, and accolades for ongoing innovation.

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