Pitch Perfect 3

Nick and Toby from the LenFire team are busy in Atlanta GA.  On the set of Pitch Perfect 3, working for "Trailer Park" as the on the ground embedded Documentary team.  Shooting weekly pieces on set as well as 360 coverage for fans and the world to enjoy.

Our first two videos received over 20million views with new videos being released every week!


😍 The Bellas are BACK, pitches!!!😍 Keep following for more from the set of #PitchPerfect3.
Hey, pitches, ready to hang with the Bellas? Check out this Pitch Perfect 3 set tour, then enter to join the entire cast behind the scenes and even be an extra in the film! Visit: http://bit.ly/Pitch-Perfect-3-Set-Visit Every entry of $10 or more benefits Donors Choose, Love Is Louder and the School of St Jude.
Aca-boot camp is ON! #PitchPerfect3 is coming your way! Pitch Perfect 3 in theaters December 22, 2017.
Toby Thiermann