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From Sundance wins to HBO debuts, we specialize in short form
and feature length nonfiction storytelling, as well as high-profile BTS.

HBO OriginalNatalie Wood: What Remains Behind

Natalie Wood

The Adventure ContinuesJohn Williams & Steven Spielberg

The Adventure ContinuesJohn Williams & Steven Spielberg

HBO originalMama's Boy

Mama's Boy - A Story of Our Americas

BrainwavesFeature Documentary

Brainwaves - Mavericks / TBI
Person standing in front of building. USAID video cover image

USAID Global Relief

UpRoxxDeepeest Man on Earth - Herbert Nitsch

Close up of person in wetsuit with hood
Adobe - Smithsonian


Drone shot flying over a river in Mexico

Apple TV+HOME - Mexico

CNN - Ice Wars

Ice WarsCNN

Subaru - Love Promise

SubaruLove Promise

Howard Schultz

Serving After ServiceHoward Shultz

Lens Fire Films Interview Reel

Interview ReelLens Fire Films

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